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Industrial Hearing Loss Claims

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a serious problem for sufferers and their families. If you’ve been affected, talk to Greenbank Lawyers today. We are one of the UK’s leading industrial deafness compensation specialists. We could help you on a No Win No Fee basis.

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Signs & Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Misunderstanding People

People with hearing loss often find it difficult to engage in conversations with multiple people and struggle to understand what is being said.

Dish, Wish, Hiss

Words that end with s, h, h, or th are suddenly much harder to make out if they are heard at all. speak may often sound muffled.

Ringing, Hissing, or Buzzing

Another sign of hearing loss is the sound of ringing, hissing, buzzing, clicking, roaring or drilling in your ear(s).

Increased Stress

Feeling tired or stress from having to concentrate while listening during conversations is very common with hearing loss.

Turning up the TV

Do you often find people telling you to turn down the TV or Radio, but you can just about hear it? You may be suffering from hearing loss.

Social Situations

Avoidance of social situations due to trouble hearing what’s going on around you is a sign that your hearing may be deteriorating.

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If you believe your hearing-related issues, whether deafness, hearing loss, or tinnitus are related to your workplace environment and noise levels, our team is here to help. It does not matter if the company you worked for has closed down or not; you can still submit a claim for industrial hearing loss.

At Greenbank Lawyers, we understand how devastating hearing problems can be and recognise that they carry long-term repercussions in daily life. Hearing loss may develop gradually due to prolonged exposure to loud noises such as construction tools, machinery and more; on the other hand, it could be sudden. Its magnitude could also range from one ear to both ears.

In order to ascertain the degree of injury sustained by a claimant, we actively encourage attendees be evaluated by a certified medical practitioner free of cost during the process of filing claims with us.

How can you tell if my hearing problems are caused by noise?

We will arrange a hearing test that will tell us whether the hearing problems are related to noise.

Can I claim if the company closed down years ago?

Yes, it is still possible to claim for noise-induced hearing loss if the company you worked for has closed down. We will trace the employer’s liability insurance policy or contact the insurer assigned to handle claims against the company.

Will I have to go to court?

For the most part, a court appearance will not be required. Very few cases are selected for trial proceedings.

How much compensation will I get?

Many elements are taken into account when determining the compensation amount, such as the degree and sevrity of hearing loss.

Can I claim if I worked for more than one company?

You can claim if you worked for more than one employer where you were exposed to high levels of noise.

What are the signs of work-related hearing loss?

While it’s natural for your hearing to get slowly worse as you age, there are distinct signs that can indicate noise-induced hearing loss.

These include:

  • Mishearing words when you’re in conversation
  • Being unable to hear conversations where there is background noise
  • Having to turn the television up more than others find necessary or needing subtitles
  • Missing out on lots of things your partner tells you in passing
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Does my employer have a duty of care?

The law says that every employer has a duty of care to protect employees from suffering harm in the workplace. Where your employer failed to foresee the harm that could be caused by your occupation or to ensure that you were protected from damaging noise levels, they could be said to have failed in their duty of care.

Read more on the health and safety regulations that your employer should be adhering to in the workplace and talk to a specialist industrial deafness solicitor to find out if you believe your employer failed in their duty of care.

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