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Who Is Talking About Housing Disrepair Claims?

Housing disrepair claims are everywhere in the news at the minute as thousands are receiving payouts for disrepair.

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The amount of money you can get for a Housing Disrepair Claim can vary from claim to claim but typically compensation ranges between 30% to 50% of the rent of the property. This would most likely depend on the severity of the disrepair in the property.

For example, if 50% of the property is unhabitable then you shall receive 50% compensation for the disrepair. The method which is used to calculate how much compensation the client is entitled to would depend upon the client’s rent (per week/per month) then calculate the rent by how many weeks/months the property has been in disrepair for.

The method of rent payment does not affect your compensation (even if rent is paid via housing benefits), you can still claim compensation for the ‘’loss of enjoyment’’ of your home.

Housing Disrepair Compensation Example

Disrepair in the property: Damp for 1 year

Rent PCM: £900.00

£900.00 x 12 months = £10,800.0

Compensation at 35%: £3,780.00

The above is a basic example of how compensation can be calculated, however, if you are having more than one issue for example, damp and mould throughout the property, this would be calculated differently as the percentage may be higher.

Housing Disrepair Compensation Calculator

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3 questions below will determine if you have a possible case for compensation and a guide amount on what your claim could be worth to you.

Special Damages:

Special damages are recovering costs incurred because of the disrepairs in the property. For example, you have suffered personal injuries, medical costs, repairs and replacements of personal property and loss of earnings.

Replacing personal property – if the mould has caused damage to your property, you could potentially claim back the costs of having it either replaced or repaired. (providing you have a receipt)

The reasoning for this is that if the property did not have mould, the mould would not have damaged the wardrobe, so then the tenant would not have suffered any loss.

Example of purchasing items:

Mould on the wall has affected the wardrobe. Purchase of Wardrobe: £350.00. Tenant has a receipt to prove the purchase. Tenant can claim for the loss.

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